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Space to learn, build community, and make change.



The W.G. Pearson Center is an extraordinary historical venue in the heart of Hayti, intertwined with Durham's vibrant Black community. To inspire growth, we unite people for learning, connections, and transformation, uniting local entities and individuals to create a meaningful experience. Enjoy a venue with space for innovation and culture, fostering partnerships and accomplishments in an atmosphere of creativity and cooperation. Join us at The W.G. Pearson Center, where space and community converge. The W.G. Pearson Center is owned and operated by Student U.

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A Space For Everyone

Discover our diverse rental spaces for a polished event experience, supported by our dedicated team who ensure seamless alignment with your vision. Elevate your event to its fullest potential with us.

Our Community

At The W.G. Pearson Center, we collaborate with organizations, businesses, individuals, and youth to actualize this vision. Partnering with tenants, we unite to dismantle systemic racism and structural inequities, striving for a Durham that ensures the success of every child. As individual tenants pursue their goals, together, we form a consortium of kindred entities, sharing insights and advocating for policies and investments that empower thriving communities. This space emanates hope and positivity. Contribute your energy and light to amplify our impact. Become a beacon of change.

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ADDRESS: 600 E. Umstead St., Durham, NC 27707

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