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About Us

Together we are a beacon for a brighter future.

In the pursuit of a flourishing future for all, collaboration is key. At The W.G. Pearson Center, we unite with organizations, businesses, individuals, and youth to actively shape this brighter reality. With an atmosphere that exudes hope and optimism, our center stands as a beacon of possibility.

Owned and managed by Student U, a dedicated Durham nonprofit, The W.G. Pearson Center is committed to spreading its influence. Join us in amplifying our impact by infusing your energy and illumination into this space. Become a beacon of positive change.


The Legacy


William Gaston Pearson empowered young Black students with a thirst and demand for the rigorous and enriching education they deserved until the end of his career. Pearson spent his lifetime working to increase opportunities for those around him, and the building named for him has continued to house his value of education, fierce belief in all students, and hope of a better Durham ever since.


The Center was originally built in 1928 as a historically Black elementary school during segregation in Durham. In 2017, the building was renovated and revitalized. Now walking into The W.G. Pearson Center almost 100 years after first being built, still feels sacred. You can feel the power of Pearson's legacy and the students of the past and the potential of students of the future.

Meet The Team

Our History

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